Friday, December 16, 2005

An inspiring Husband

A Hawker to see his wife as an Engineer:
Silar, 28, is a food hawker by profession and Muslim by religion. Despite belonging to a conservative society, he values education and the role it can play in ones' life. Out of a meager earning of about rupees 150-a-day, he manages to save for his wife's educational expenses. The first fifty rupees goes into buying supplies for his business, the next fifty is saved for his wife and the remaining fifty rupees goes to rest of the family.

Fatima Bibi, the wife, is a third year student of Bachelor of Technology Tripli Electrical and Electronics engineering. She considers herself very fortunate to have found such a caring and affectionate husband.

At the time of her marriage in 2001, Silar used to work as a watchman at a textile shop in Cheellapuram village. Later on, he moved to Vizag with Fatima's parents.
Arranging a big sum of rupees 24,000 for her academic counseling was the biggest challenge for Silar. But he arranged the required amount by his determination to impart Fatima the best possible education.


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