Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Vizag Airport AKA Reservoir Port

Vizag Airport Resembles Reservoir:

Believe it or not, but an Indian airport of considerable strategic importance,Vizag Airport, has been closed for over a week due to heavy rains. Since October 16, no commercial flight has operated to and from Vishakhapatnam due to flooding. And they are still passing the buck.
On October 14, as Vishakhapatnam received 42 cm rain, water in the Meghadrigadda reservoir crossed the danger mark. By night, the sluice gates were opened and over 17,000 cusecs were released. Result: The adjoining airport was inundated, its boundary wall breached and the terminal building under four feet of water. Flights were being cancelled due to heavy rains and soon it was discovered that airport was not in an operational state. Indian Airlines has 18 flights a week, Sahara has seven and Air Deccan has 14 from this airport.


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