Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google Talk

Google Launches Google Talk

Google has launched Google Talk a instant messenger and internet phone tool. The BBC points out that Google's IM service launches far behind rivals like AOL (40 million), Microsoft (14 million) and Yahoo (20 million). It is an open source based service and works with other IM tools like iChat.

Google based its software on open standards, so it will work with smaller networks that are based on the same technology. Text messages can be exchanged with users of Apple Computer Inc.'s iChat, Cerulean Studios' Trillian and the open-source Gaim program.

The new Google program features a basic user interface with few graphics, much like the main Google search site. It does not spawn pop-up windows or display ads like America Online's Instant Messenger.

Google also is inviting programmers to build its technology into their software. I am sure there will be many takers for that.


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