Thursday, August 18, 2005

CEO @ 17 yrs

Can u beleive a 17 yr old CEO in India???

Yeah! 17 yrs. Here is the real story..........

It's no teenage fantasy for Suhas Gopinath, born and based in the southern city of Bangalore.

Government officials and local media here say he is the world's youngest chief executive officer (CEO) of a software consultancy. His company, Globals Inc, is registered in California's Silicon Valley.

At an age when other teens are whiling away time at bowling alleys or go-karting, Suhas is busy drawing a road map for his fledgling company.

The company's revenue is nothing compared to the Microsoft empire, but given time Suhas is confident of raking in a fortune.

"We are hoping to register a turnover of around $1m in the next five years," says Suhas, who launched Globals Inc with two like-minded friends in 2000.

The entrepreneur also had to register his company, which employs 60 people, in the US because Indian law regards him as a minor.

As well as Bangalore and California, the company has representation in New York, Maryland, Virginia and London.

"My idea is to make it an Indian company when I turn into a 'major'," says Suhas.

The teenager is quickly gaining a strong local reputation.


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